Caring options to fit your family

Macarthur carer Julie said what spurred her to become a foster carer was her inherent desire to want to help others. With four biological children, one with an intellectual disability, Julie felt that she just had more to give.

 “I just wanted to give someone the childhood that I didn’t have…and [although] I give it to my girls, I wanted to give it to somebody else as well,” said Julie.

 “We always wanted to be long term carers, but we have done emergency care and short-term care and it is all really rewarding."

"But I think a misconception is, people assume that you just get a child and you know nothing about [them] and then people just take them away but it’s not like that at all,” said Julie. "You have choices about what you want to do…you have the choice as to what best fits your family.”

Macarthur foster carer Julie says when it comes to caring options, you have the choice as to what best fits your family.

Julie and her husband have been with CatholicCare for the last 4 years. “It just seems like a really easy partnership. Anything I need I can just pick up the phone and speak to them,” she said.

Executive Manager of Children & Youth Services Michelle Ferrara, said "Foster Care week is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the invaluable contribution carers make to the lives of children and young people."

CatholicCare is seeking carers for a variety of caring arrangements that may fit your family. Call us now on 4628 0044 or visit and we will support you every step of the way.