CatholicCare in collaboration with the Men's Group of the South Coast AMS

CatholicCare and the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) have a seven year history of collaboration delivering psycho-education groups, support conversations (often solution focused brief interventions) and referrals for participants of the weekly Wednesday Men's Group.

The group, part of the AMS's Safety and Wellbeing Program, targets substance use, incarceration, domestic violence, employment, partnerships, healthy lifestyles, strong families and communities. In addition, the group allows participants to reduce fines owing through Work Development Orders, which allows for more healthy choices according to the AMS's Programs Evaluation Manager.

"The fact that the participants engage each week with the CatholicCare group worker/counsellor shows how important the collaboration is", said the Programs Evaluation Manager. "Participants and staff love the therapeutic input from CatholicCare including groups addressing techniques to manage stress, anxiety, depression, communication and anger," he said. "We are excited about our continued collaboration, in particular groups targeting parenting, mental health and wellbeing along with domestic violence."