Cruising Together

CatholicCare's Your Direction Disability Social Group clients aged between 22 and 64 recently boarded two busses bound for Sydney and a five-day adventure cruise to Queensland upon the Pacific Pearl.

At CatholicCare's Auburn Street office, the excitement from clients was enormous as some awaited their second cruise with CatholicCare - a trip they had chosen themselves.

Activities on board the cruise included watching magic shows and circus performers, doing karaoke, dancing, bingo and making origami.

While clients were enjoying themselves on the high seas, the trip (made possible by the support of six CatholicCare staff), gave 40 parents and carers a well deserved break from their caring role.

To ensure smooth sailing for this massive logistical undertaking, CatholicCare developed comprehensive support plans to monitor and manage the identified risks, in order to ensure clients remained safe and sound.

According to Deanna Maunsell (Manager, Aged & Disability Services), CatholicCare is committed to clients having the flexibility to make decisions about their own lives.

"As the Government rolls out the NDIS, peole with a disability will have more choice, so that they can move their lives in any direction they want," Deanna said.

"We asked our clients what they wanted and they said another cruise - so we made it happen", she continued.