Success in Aged Care Audit

In December 2017 CatholicCare was subject to an external audit by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency for our performance in the delivery of our aged care services against the Commonwealth Home Care Standards. It is mandatory for all aged care service providers to undergo audits against the standards every three years.

CatholicCare has now received the final report of the Audit by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, and Director Michael Austin is very pleased to report that CatholicCare performed very strongly, achieving 18 out of 18 expected outcomes of the Home Care Standards.

"The expected outcomes ranged from ensuring that our aged care clients have appropriate access to services that are tailored to their own individual needs, respecting their right to privacy and independence and also guaranteeing that our service users have access to complaints and advocacy information," said Director Michael Austin. 

CatholicCare Director Michael Austin pictured with Executive Manager of Aged & Disability Services Kate Nolan, and some members of her team. 

"CatholicCare also demonstrated effective management processes based on a continuous improvement approach to service management, planning and delivery. This is a wonderful commendation to our dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to ensure we always deliver services with our clients' best interests in mind."

Special mention was also given to CatholicCare's Advisory Council, in demonstrating a strategic and continuous improvement approach to it's planning and business development.  The Council is made up of experts from the community, who meet regularly to advise the Bishop and Director on governance matters such strategy, service performance (including finance), risk management, quality and ethical standards.

"We are very fortunate to have such high calibre of people on our Council, whose guidance, support and advice helps to ensure our organisation remains on track, sustainable and relevant to the communities we serve, Mr Austin continued.

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