National Child Protection Week - Friday 10 September

Parents, Carers, Teachers and anyone working with children

Sand play!

Sand is a fun sensory resource that can provide hours of entertainment across a variety of activities. Imaginative play is great for brain development, while collaborative play builds positive social skills. Additionally, using a sensory grounding activity like sand-play is a coping skill kids can learn to use when feeling unsettled.

You don't need a sand-pit to have a day of sand-play. Use a sheet to put the sand on and lay it down somewhere comfortable outside. If using traditional sand isn’t an option – kinetic sand is a great alternative and is still highly sensory while also being much less messy.

Fill the sand with toys for imaginative play that aligns with the child's interests and play TOGETHER i.e. car toys and make a race track, dinosaur toys and make a landscape, fairy toys and make a fairy garden, ocean items and make a mermaid city.