National Child Protection Week - Thursday 9 September

Parents, Carers, Teachers and anyone working with children

Let's make DIY Pinatas

Working with children to make pinatas helps to build executive functioning skills and connection.

Spending quality time with kids helps them feel loved, connected, listened to, and valued. These experiences are critical to developing a healthy attachment.

Items you will need: balloons, old newspapers or other scrap paper, flour and water for home made glue, lollies, paint or coloured crepe paper.

Steps for making the pinata: 

  1. Blow up the balloons and tie them off – tie a piece of string around the end and hang them up wherever you are going to leave them to dry
  2. Tear up the scrap paper and mix your home-made glue
  3. Soak the strips of paper in the glue and stick them to the balloon – keep doing this until your pinata has at least 2-3 layers of paper. This will be messy! But that’s the whole point
  4. Leave your pinatas to dry
  5. Once they are dry, pop the balloon inside and pull it out – you should have a hard shell now. Fill the shell with lollies and then stick some more glue-soaked paper over the opening. Then decorate with paint or coloured crepe paper and leave to dry again
  6. Your pinata should now be ready to hang up and break!