Without our amazing volunteers, some services just would not be possible.

Volunteering brings together people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to:

  • make a connection
  • understand each other’s perspectives and experiences
  • develop relationships
  • learn from and support each other

Volunteering with CatholicCare allows participants to:

  • respond to the needs of the poor, marginalised or isolated in our community
  • gain a sense of belonging and influence the direction of their lives
  • achieve a greater feeling of self-worth and build confidence
  • enjoy an improved sense of wellbeing by meeting new challenges
  • expand life experience across diverse areas
  • increase social interaction and reduce feelings of personal isolation
  • gain skills, access to training and work experience
  • demonstrate initiative, drive and dedication
  • keep healthy and have fun by being useful
  • build a network of contacts

CatholicCare started with just 10 volunteers in 1980. Now with over 80 volunteers, CatholicCare is now able to provide services like:
Pastoral Care 

Without volunteers, these services wouldn't be possible, so thank you to all CatholicCare volunteers who work tirelessly for the agency.

For more information about how to volunteer with CatholicCare call 42271122.