Indigenous Community

Our Commitment to Aboriginal Australians

CatholicCare recognises Aboriginal people as the first people of this continent Australia and the traditional owners and custodians of the land.

We recognise that the original occupants and inhabitants of this land lived in the area for more than 60,000 years.

We acknowledge and respect distinct Aboriginal cultural differences, beliefs, values and languages and respect the rights of all Aboriginal people to pursue their own values and culture.

Our area is now occupied by people drawn from many different lands who share the values of tolerance and respect for one another.

CatholicCare recognises the sense of loss and the grief held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the alienation from their traditional land, the loss of their freedom, their lives, their languages, disruption of their cultural practices and forced removal of children from their families, the planned separation of sibling groups and cultural assimilation practices. We acknowledge that the Aboriginal culture continues to strengthen and enrich our community. We recognise and value the strengths, skills and contribution of Aboriginal people to CatholicCare and to the community.

We believe in a just and common future. Working together with Aboriginal people and communities, CatholicCare offers opportunities for growth, healing, resilience and hope. Together, we seek to build a society free of racism and prejudice where Aboriginal people feel a strong sense of belonging and are able to participate fully in the life of the community.