National Families Week Activity Series 2022






This year CatholicCare Wollongong will be celebrating National Families Week (May 15th - 21st) by releasing an activity each weekday that will support in building 'Stronger Families, Stronger Communities'.

Stronger Families, Stronger Communities is the theme for National Families Week. Our hope is that these activities will encourage families to have conversations, get to know each other a little more, build connection and bring joy.

Remember family means so many things, these activities can be completed with your immediate family, extended family, friends or community family!

The activities include:

Monday – Make your Family: Draw your family or create your family out of paddle pop sticks or rocks.

Tuesday – Staying Connected: A workbook for those who do not have the opportunity to see their family members as often as they would like, inspired by the book 'The invisible string'. The workbook can be completed and shared with the family member, to let them know they are always thinking about them.

Wednesday – Get to know Your Family: Create a family tree or complete a 'get to know you' family conversation.

Thursday – Resilient Families: Families are invited to complete the resilience wheel activity for themselves and all members to see what support they have in their lives to keep them resilient.

Friday – Supporting Families: This activity allows you to look at when and how you may need support, as well as everyone in the family, helping the family know how to recognise when others need support and how they can support each other.

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