Simplify Your NDIS Plan Management with CatholicCare in Minto

An NDIS plan can vastly assist individuals with disabilities to continue living their lives to the fullest by utilising the allotted funding and accessing support services. At CatholicCare, our plan managers help Minto participants navigate the complex NDIS system, understand their funding options, and achieve their goals. We understand the challenges NDIS participants and their families face in managing the given budget and their required support needs.

How Are NDIS Plan Management Services Beneficial for Participants?

  • Improved Understanding of the NDIS System: Our plan managers are experts in the NDIS system and can help participants in Minto to better understand their funding options and navigate the complexities of the scheme.
  • Tailored Support: CatholicCare’s NDIS plan management services are tailored to the unique needs of each participant, ensuring that their individual goals and requirements are taken into account.
  • Efficient & Effective Management of Funding: Our NDIS plan managers ensure that participants' funding is being used appropriately and in line with their individual plans, to maximise the benefits of the NDIS scheme.
  • Ongoing Support & Assistance: CatholicCare’s plan managers provide ongoing support and assistance to individuals in helping them to manage their plans and make adjustments as necessary for their specific needs.
  • Simplified Administrative Tasks: With the help of NDIS plan managers, they take care of administrative tasks such as paying invoices and tracking expenses, freeing up participants' time and energy to focus on achieving their goals.

Get Started with CatholicCare for Professional Plan Managers

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