Delivering joy this Christmas

A fortuitous conversation between a teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic High School in Oak Flats and a staff member of CatholicCare led to one very special family receiving an incredible gift this Christmas – a cubby house.

Carpentry students at Corpus Christi have been busy working on a project this year to put their newly learned skills to good use. They have been building cubby houses built to the National Construction Code.  

The school decided to very generously donate one of the cubby houses to a family in need and approached CatholicCare to donate it to a family we work with.

The Fostering Futures team suggested Lorraine and her daughter Karissa two Kinship carers with the program. They have two young children in their care who would love the cubby house and get endless hours of fun playing in it.

Last Wednesday the cubby house was delivered to Karissa's house just in time for the birthday of one of the children and Christmas.

CatholicCare would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and students at Corpus Christi for their hard work and generosity as well as Dave Gearin at the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong, Jane Hollier at CatholicCare and the Fostering Futures team for making this possible.