Keeping Calm and Connected: Mindfulness Sessions (Webinars)


Recorded webinars available via links




About the course

With so much change and uncertainty in our lives, it is important to spend time to stop and reflect, providing an opportunity to re-focus, re-energise and re-connect with who we are. These sessions provide an understanding of the benefits of mindfulness as well as some practical strategies to implement.

Who is it for? 

Anyone who would like an opportunity to reflect and calm the mind.

There are 6 sessions in total, you are welcome to watch individual sessions, however we recommend watching all sessions to receive the full benefit.

What will I learn?

  • Mindfulness - Recording here. 
  • Mindfulness & Self Care - Recording here. 
  • Mindfulness & Sleep - Recording here. 
  • Mindfulness & Compassion - Recording here. 
  • Mindfulness & Worries - Recording here. 
  • Mindfulness & Gratitude - Recording here. 

Also find here an additional mindfulness reflection exercise 'A time to reflect with pride, love & gratitude during COVID-19'. Audio recording here.

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